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Personalabs: Apr, 2024 – Cashback, Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

The Latest and Updated (Apr, 2024) Offers from Personalabs.
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Blood Type Test
Protect You and Your Partner! Get a STD Test TODAY!
On demand online blood tests and Telemedicine
General ad for Personalabs
Alcohol by Ethanol Urine Test
for addiction programs
Popular Tests at Personalabs
Mother's Day Sale: Get 30% Off Site-wide Lab Tests at Personalabs!
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PersonaLabs - Popular Blood Tests
Popular Blood Tests. Why waste time and money at a doctor's office? Get the information you need, quickly and easily.
Are you at risk for diabetes? Get a Diabetes Screening TODAY!
Lyme Disease, Total Antibody Test
Personalabs Healthy Selfie
The Healthy Selfie consists of both body measurements and lab results to gain a comprehensive picture of your overall health. With the Personalabs' Healthy Selfie, we provide a detailed look into the factors that can lead to Metabolic Syndrome, an indicator of risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and vulnerability to COVID19.By combining key bio-metrics, the Healthy Selfie is able to clearly pinpoint areas of excellence and those that require some attention.
Personalabs Lab Testing offers private, secure, convenient, and economical blood tests, health screenings, drug testing, and STD testing. Clients may pick from a variety of low-cost tests, all of which can be ordered anonymously online, and then visit one of over 4,000 lab sites around the country. Both Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp of America are clients of ours. There are no doctor’s orders, visits, or insurance requirements! We provide the consumer with the doctor’s order, and they may just show up at one of the laboratories with their lab order. Personalabs offers the same professional health testing as a doctor, but at a fraction of the cost and with complete confidentiality. Our services are ideal for everyone who is concerned about their health. Personalabs also provides cost-effective basic health checks for men and women, as well as information on specific ailments and treatment choices for diabetes, prostate cancer, thyroid disorders, and more. The following are some examples of popular tests: Pregnancy testing, cardiovascular and Diabetes testing, Allergy testing, Cancer screenings, STD testing, and a slew of other services are available.

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