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For modern families, First Day Life ( is a wellness brand that puts science first. Pediatricians and epidemiologists from Harvard and Yale collaborated on the creation of our unique children’s multivitamin. Our main goal is to support parents in creating happy, healthy families. How? by developing health basics based on actual substances and actual science that are intended to complement daily routines. Utilizing the most recent research, we search the globe for the substances that are most absorbable. The end result is a line of wellness basics made to go along with your regular routine.

What distinguishes First Day Life (
– Purpose: Each vitamin is created to fill a void in our daily demands, and every item we utilize has a specific purpose.
– Modern science: To assist us in locating the best substances, our team of professionals examines thousands of clinical research.
– High standards: To launch our first product, it took two years of development, thousands of dollars from our personal money, more than 35,000 studies, and 17 formulations.
– First Day family: First Day has become a regular part of the routines of almost 54,000 families for a reason.
Whether it’s the “first day” or the last, as we develop, we’ll keep expecting more from ourselves.

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